Healthy Ways to Keep Travelling Stress-Free

Posted by Ani Blinova on February 21, 2017

Travel Stress Free

Travelling is certainly not what it used to be, but it does not have to ruin your entire trip.

Below are some of the travel hacks I've come up with to help me get through hectic flight schedules, and more importantly, prevent my husband from annoying me for several hours while in the air (still perfecting that last one...)

1. TSA Pre Check is KEY.

If you're going to be flying more than 2 times per year for the foreseeable future, then consider paying the $85 for 5 years of headache-free travel. With pre-check, you'll be able to pass right through security with your shoes and belt on, and be at your gate within 5-10 minutes. Such a life saver, especially when you realize how long it normally takes everyone in front of you to put their COMPLICATED SHOES BACK ON...

2. Keep Calm and Carry-on

Only take a carry-on if possible! Hotels will typically have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer, and some kind of blow-dryer to use. No need to bring any of those things.

Utilize the little sample-sized containers that pharmacies sell and decant some of your must-have toiletries into these containers, such as mouthwash, facial moisturizer, and foundation.

To keep my belongings to just one carry-on, I write down exactly what I will be wearing each day. Madness? Maybe. I really do take an extra 15 minutes to write down what we will be doing each day, and coordinate outfits that I will need for those activities. This prevents me from doing the whole "oh, I'll just throw in this extra pair of jeans&top&chunkysweater&flats& OH NO I NEED TO CHECK MY GIGANTIC BAG" thing.

Between foregoing the need to check a bag, and bypassing security with TSA Pre Check, you have saved yourself over an hour already! Go you! 

3. One day of a longer stay...

I always throw in one extra lightweight head-to-toe outfit and one extra workout outfit, as my “just in case” outfits. This proved helpful on one trip when we were stuck in New Orleans for two additional days due to weather delays! 

4. Keep em' handy

Separate out the vitamins/minerals you need during your journey into a ziplock pouch to bring with you to save room!

Make your own trail mix by grabbing an oversized ziplock baggie and throwing in your favorite nuts (just make sure they’re unsalted to prevent excess bloat while flying) and some raisins/dried cranberries.


Water in airports is overpriced (last time I paid $5 for a 16 oz water bottle at JFK...never again I say, never again). Get a reusable, durable water bottle (love S’Well) and you can just refill this when you’re near a water fountain. The "no fluids" rule doesn't apply to empty water bottles, just make sure you drink the last drop before going through security.


How do you breeze through the airport? We want to know!