Eating Keto Vegan Ice Cream = 140,000 Trees 🌳🌲🌳

Posted by Gabe Wolff on August 15, 2017

Everytime you pick up a pint of Wink, trees are being planted.

And not just hypothetically. Every month, Wink donates to Project AIR Guatemala, and what they do is simply amazing.


Trees Prevent Mudslides

The mountainous terrain in areas such as Guatemala is covered with dense, deeply rooted trees that provide stability to the soil. Unfortunately, mass amounts of deforestation have plagued this area for the past few years, resulting in a decline of trees and their roots. 

When deforestation occurs in this region, mudslides ensue, causing massive amounts of damage to the surrounding villages and communities. 

Project AIR finds communities in Guatemala that have been affected by deforestation. AIR works with the residents of these communities and plants thousands of tree nurseries, but of very specific tree species that yield increased soil fertility and structural qualities to the terrain.


Teach a Man to Fish...

When they're not planting trees, AIR instructors are teaching farmers about crop cycling and utilizing their new fertile grounds to their fullest potential.

They're then teaching others in the communities about how to transform the cultivated crops into goods such as shampoos, ointments, and medicines.

The result? A vibrant micro economy based around sustainable agriculture.


Eating Ice Cream Saves the Planet

Through our partnership with AIR, we've been able to plant approximately 140,000 one year.

Your support for our products directly helps people who are in need of support, and enriches their families and communities. On top of that, each pint you grab is helping to RE-forest the planet.

So keep on digging in!

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