Healthiest Keto Recipes to Start the New Year

Posted by Ani Blinova on January 02, 2018

Keto Recipes to Jumpstart Your New Year.pngWith the fresh New Year starting on a glorious Monday, we are super excited to get into the kitchen and start baking, mixing, and making super fun, nutritious recipes.

For a new twist on breakfast, consider making a batch of my favorite granola. It's sugar-free but certainly doesn't lack in the flavor department. Switch out the Pumpkin Spice for Cinnamon if you choose! 


granola gif.gif

This granola tastes amazing as a topping on this super simple chia seed pudding! It gives the pudding a satisfying crunch, while still being sugar-free and super low in carbs.


Chia Seed Pudding Parfait-.png


For a great snack, meal-prep these protein balls when you have time. They're easy to pull together and they're a perfect post-workout snack. As much as I love other bliss balls that are date-based, these are nut-butter based and packed with protein, so they won't spike blood sugar. Similarly, you can add protein to these Fruit Explosion Muffins to boost their nutritional value and enjoy them as a great post-workout snack.


For super healthy desserts, our take on Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is so incredibly delicious, you will NOT miss the sugar or carbs. Pair that with a vanilla donut and you're on your way to a PAR-TAY. 

We're so lame.

Also, these chocolate chunk cookies are amazing.

For a full "menu" of all our desserts, check out our FREE Wink Frozen Desserts EBook! Download yours today!

We hope you have a happy and healthy 2018 with us ;)

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