How to Automate Being a Modern Day Hippie

Posted by Gabriel Wolff on February 28, 2017

Green living. Automate Enviro-friendly

I'm a modern day hippie. Yes, I said it. Surprised that the founder of a sugarless vegan ice cream company is being so blunt about his outlook? You shouldn't be.

But going green can be pretty annoying at times. Here are a few ways I automate my green decisions so that I can lay smug at night....

Leave it in the Car.

From reusable bags (thank my dear wife for her Lululemon addiction), to reusable coffee mugs, I always have green options any time I leave the house. Since I'm usually driving to my errands (not green, I know, I know), I'm able to easily save some paper in the form of a cup or bag no matter the pit stop.

Best part is, I usually save $ for bringing my own bags, as well as get more coffee when I BYO-Mug! I typically get charged for a small even though my mug is easily 24 ounces. Annnnnnnddd I'm buzzed.

Not a driver? Leave the reusables near your front door and a reminder that they're there! You'll be glad you did when you get that ten cents off at the store...

Stay in...

No, I'm not suggesting you be a homebody (although I totally am), or re-watch season after season of House of Cards (although I totally do). I'm referring to the fact that a USPS, UPS or FedEx employee is already visiting your building, home or street every weekday anyway.

Think about it, their carbon footprint is fixed. No matter how many packages they need to deliver to each location, they're driving the same route each and every day. This means if you can unload some of your errands onto web based services, you can not only get free shipping, but also that cozy smug feeling that you didn't waste time, gas, or clean air travelling.

It's like you're actually saving the planet by online shopping! Well, almost...

Ditch the Plastic Water Bottles

Here's a quick scenario: You want to drink clean water, so you start buying water bottles, because you hear about the horrors of tap. Even though you recycle these water bottles when you're done (which, honestly, you do maybe 30% of the time) they sit in un-refrigerated trucks on the way to the grocery store. Not a problem, unless you've ever read about BPA, or melted an action figure as kid. 

Even if the plastic doesn't actually melt, it still is leeching not-so-friendly compounds into the water during hot transport.

Try utilizing any of the stainless steel water bottles you see online. They're BPA free (not plastic) easy to clean (since they're stainless steel), and virtually indestructible (if you're clumsy like myself). I myself have one for home and one that I keep, you guessed it, in the car. 

And as for the water? We just got a SOMA water filter last week and are in love. Not only is the plastic BPA free, but they donate to Charity:Water. Also, the pitcher looks like it was designed by Marimekko; absolutely gorgeous.


How do you effortlessly keep green? Comment below!