Keto Flu: Get Through It FAST

Posted by Gabe Wolff on January 11, 2018

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It’s the new year, and for those of you trying Keto, or trying to regain your ketogenic footing after the holiday season, it’s going to be a longgg start to 2018.

You’ll be regretting every Christmas cookie and potato latke you laid your eyes on for the past 3 weeks as your body and brain thoroughly reject the idea of having to breakdown fat as a fuel source.

Here are some tips to get through your 2018 keto “flu”.

Sweat It Out

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One way to speed through keto flu is to lift weights and workout after eliminating carbs from your life (or just reducing them to fiber). By working out, you can help accelerate the depletion of glycogen from your body. Such stored sugar is used as the secondary source of glucose.

When you begin utilizing glycogen stores, that’s when your “flu” gets pretty rough. Your brain and body don't typically like breaking down glycogen, since it used to mean your body was in full-blown starvation mode.

Don't sweat it too much though - once you kickstart this process, you're at the tail end of the "flu"


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Ketosis can be very dehydrating.

As your body processes it's last bit of glycogen and begins to metabolize ketone bodies for fuel, a higher percentage of water is released as "waste". Being dehydrated when you're not going through ketosis is pretty bad- no need to compound it with a keto flu headache.

By drinking more water than usual, you'd be able to lighten the load on your kidneys, and expel the "waste" associated with the transition and upkeep of processing ketones as fuel.

Bottom line - Drink up. It'll make you feel better.

Quick Fast

By taking a day off from food, you’re forcing a hard reset for your body. With zero sustenance to feed on, your metabolism will default to ketosis after 24-48 hours.

However, fasting can be tough - you’re using all of your will-power to consciously not eat anything for a day. You may blow out your will-power "muscles", causing difficulty in sticking to your ketogenic diet over the long run.


BONUS: Alcohol Cheat Sheet

So you're invited for a night out while trying to stick to ketosis. You want to be a social butterfly, but don't want to go through all this crap again while trying to slip back into ketosis.

The solution?


Well, just not too much- you won't need as much as you're used to anyway.

When you're in ketosis, there isn't the normal amount of stored glycogen in the liver. This glycogen absorbs some of the shock associated with metabolizing alcohol. The result: a higher percentage of the alcohol enters the bloodstream faster.

What's nice about drinking something like vodka (or any low-to-no sugar clear spirit) is that it really only acts to "pause" ketosis, not throw you out. Once your body metabolizes the alcohol, it will revert back to ketones as fuel.

Conclusion: Slow down and drink less, and avoid anything with carbs (sorry beer drinkers, it's a no-go).


What tips for clearing the keto flu do you have?

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