Keto for the Holidays: Staying Sugarless in a Land of Candy Canes and Hot Cocoa

Posted by Gabe Wolff on December 07, 2017


The holidays are upon us and Winter is here.

Seeing everyone indulge in liquid sugar infused coffee drinks and large quantities of candy is enough to challenge the will of the great Chuck Norris.


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Here's how I get through the holiday season, and still manage to stay in ketosis.


1. Not All Chocolate is Created Equal

On the spectrum of treats, chocolate is king. Delectable cocoa beans are roasted and ground to make the world's simplest pleasure.

However, the form it takes in today's world is filled with things like milk solids and high fructose corn syrup.

One of the most wonderful things about chocolate is the fact that it naturally has very little sugar. That, and apparently it boosts brain activity after you eat it!

The Fix: A little dark chocolate (over 80% cocoa) does wonders for satisfying the craving


2. Hot Cocoa or Sugarless Chocolate Latte?

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While everyone is sipping hot chocolate, there's a way for you to feel like a participant, but even better.

Welcome "Sipping Cocoa". This form of cocoa is already naturally sugarless, as it's typically minimally processed.

The Fix: Pinch of stevia, hot/frothed almond milk (unsweetened) and 1-2 tablespoons of the cocoa.

Hot chocolate hacked.

3. Have a Strong Memory

Remember going through the keto flu?

Yeah, hard to forget.

Use that memory as motivation not to redo it. I don't know about you, but I want to go through that as few times as humanly possible.

The Fix: Everytime you see one of those delicious sugar cookies, just remember that it equals 24-48 hours of headaches and low energy.

4.  Bake Keto

Want some great keto/plant based dessert recipes? These are our favorites!

Copy of Pumpkin Spice GranolaKeto and Gluten Free.pngKeto Pecan Pumpkin Spice Cookies - Gluten and Dairy Free.png

KetoDairy FreeGluten Free.png

How do you treat clean during the holiday season?
Let us know in the comments section!