Low Carb Summer Eats

Posted by Ani Blinova on June 13, 2017


Our favorite time of year has finally arrived - sweet sweet Summertime!

On a hot, humid summer day, the only thing that might help cool you off is an ice-cold soda, an ice cream cone, or a Popsicle. However, even though these treats have the best intentions, consuming something like this will only cause a blood sugar spike/crash, leaving you feeling lethargic and bloated - exactly what you don't want at the beach and pool!

Instead, check out some of our favorite sugar-free treats to enjoy during the summertime. 

1. Sugar Free Dairy Free Dessert

Of course, making a quick Wink sundae is honestly our favorite way to cool down during the heat of the summer. Topped with some chopped nuts and fresh berries, it's the perfect low-sugar way to cool down this summer.

2. Cucumber Snacks

We always have a ton of fresh veggies at home to nosh on regularly. As soon as we bring the veggies home from the grocery store, we wash, chop, and store them for easy snacking! Having cut up cucumbers on hand is a great way to quickly satisfy any hunger and cool down! We also love having cut up celery and smothering that with some nut butter. Low-sugar, hydrating, and so delightful when the sun is high in the sky.

3. Zoodles!

Instead of pasta, try out some zoodles! Spiralized zucchini noodles are so easy to make. It's a great option as a light lunch/dinner since they can be eaten raw, drizzled with a light olive oil or pesto sauce. Simple, hydrating, easy, and light. 


Drink more water! We know, it's not always easy, but drinking some pure h2o should definitely be at the top of your priority list during these hot summer months. Add some delicious berries to your water pitcher for a more fun way of drinking water.