Okay, Let's Parfait : Dairy Free, Keto Yogurt.

Posted by Gabriel Wolff on July 11, 2017


I had written yogurt off. Having a dairy allergy with a high sensitivity to sugar in my diet, yogurts of any kind (dairy or plant based) just seemed out of reach for me.

And then my wife came home with nut based yogurts that had little-to-no sugar, and my mind was blown.

The yogurt gods have answered my prayers, and now, I can enjoy yogurt that is 100% plant based, has probiotics in it, and won't throw me out of ketosis.

Plant Based Yogurts

I've been aware of plant-based/vegan yogurts for some time. These products have been around for quite awhile, but like vegan ice creams, all contained a bunch of stigmatic ingredients that I couldn't stomach.


Yes, like many vegan products, compensation for animal proteins and sugars are replaced with actual sugars. Doesn't matter if it's cane, corn, or crystalized apple juice, it's still sugar. And for me, that's just not going to cut it. Yogurt is a snack. It is not a cheat. At least, it shouldn't be.


Oh boy, me and soy... I do eat some soy from time to time, but make sure it's the organic, non-gmo'd variety. If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time and energy on your health, and I'm not about to increase genetic mutation and predispose myself to complications later in life for some soy-based yogurt. Can't make me.

No to soy


Ok, so what about just bucking up and having the real thing? Let's say I didn't have an acute dairy allergy. Traditional, greek, or organic cow's based yogurt should be fine, right? 

Well, are you a baby calf? Have you watched yogurt been made, from the milking of the cow to the final filling of the tubs? 

dairy yogurt

I'm not going on a "vegan preach" here, I'm just saying there's a better way.

Nuts About Yogurt: Suitable Dairy Free Options

So back to my story here.

Ani (you may know her) comes home on Sunday with 2 types of vegan yogurt, and they're AMAZING.


Forager's Project makes a cashew yogurt that was out of this world. 
It's a cashew-based yogurt that had 1g of sugar per serving. The yogurt tasted like the real deal, because it has the tartness and viscosity of a traditional dairy based yogurt. It has probiotics and it's organic.

The only down side I can think of is the 12g of total carbs per serving from the cassava root flour they use (starch). However, it still has 9g of healthy nut fat per serving, so it's not a complete blow to my keto ways.

Unsweetened Almond Yogurt

Kite Hill's Unsweetened Almond Yogurt was by far the best macro-wise.
This was Ani's preference, as she likes her yogurt a little less runny, and thicker.

This bad boy has only 1g carbs per serving. That's it. The rest is clean nut fat. The almond yogurt also contains the probiotics that help with gut health and tartness.


Okay, Let's Parfait.


Cashew Yogurt Keto Parfait
1 teaspoon flax meal
teaspoon hemp hearts
1 teaspoon chia seeds
1/3rd tub of "Cashewgurt" by Forager's Project
1/8 cup of mixed nuts
4 blackberries (optional)