Plant Based Keto Coffee: Supercharge Your Morning

Posted by Ani Blinova on August 17, 2017

keto plant based vegan butter coffee

If you’ve read our blog previously, then you know we reference our special blended “Vegan-proof” coffee, a lot.

Bulletproof Coffee: Oh Ghee...

The term and recipe for the original "Bulletproof Coffee" was coined by David Asprey in his book The Bulletproof Diet. Asprey’s original recipe involves blending organic coffee with coconut oil or MCT oil and pastured butter or ghee. It improves cognition, revs up your metabolism, and pretty much does everything for you except vacuum your floors.

Since we keep our house dairy-free due to a certain someone’s allergies (ahem, Gabe, ahem), we created our own version of Bulletproof Coffee. This blended coffee is dairy-free, sugar-free, and is ideal for anyone on a plant based ketogenic diet!

MCT Oil: Coconut Oil For Your Brain

MCT Oil on Ketogenic diet

The magic of Bulletproof Coffee comes from using high quality MCT oil blended in with coffee. MCT is "Medium Chain Triglycerides" or medium chain fatty acids, found in coconut oil.

These little chains of fat are able to pass through the blood-brain barrier, allowing your brain to utilize them for energy. Other fats have great difficulty passing through the barrier, and are not easily utilized by the brain, which is why this stuff really gets you going in the morning.

You may be wondering, why not use coconut oil, since that is what MCT is derived from? Coconut oil is great for cooking, but only contains about 20% MCT. The rest is lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid that isn't able to pass through your blood-brain barrier.

One disclaimer about MCT: don't use more than a tablespoon at a time. Too much MCT oil has been associated with too much, er, well, 💩...

Slow It Down With Healthy Fats

So if the MCT oil is your rocket fuel, the caffeine in the coffee are the engines. The coffee itself acts to transport the MCT "rocketfuel" through your body, as well as release fat stored in your body to adipose (frees up fat to be used for energy). This is why combining caffeine with MCT is especially useful if you're on a ketogenic diet.

Just like a campfire, if you just use gasoline, the fire will burnout really quickly. This is why you want to add a healthy fat to the mix! By combining a healthy fat, you'll be able to prolong the positive effects of the MCT/caffeine combination, and not completely burnout after 2 hours.

To reap these prolonged rewards, we blend together 1.5 cups of hot coffee with 1 tabelspoon MCT oil, and 1 tablespoon of cashew butter, instead of dairy butter or ghee.

This gives the coffee a magical cookie-like taste and super creamy texture, while staying dairy-free and sugar-free. It also prolongs the cognitive effects of the coffee/MCT oil for longer!

Make Your Coffee Work For You

Like it sweet? Add a pinch of stevia!

How about a bit of mocha? Dial back the cashew butter to 1/2 tablespoon and add 1/2 tablespoon of raw cacao.

Want a little protein boost if you’re having it after a workout? Add a scoop of collagen pepetides to increase protein content without changing the flavor or consistency! This will feed those muscles quickly and efficiently.



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