Stress Relief, The Green Way

Posted by Ani Blinova on March 28, 2017

Stress relief the green way

I know the Millennial's plight - work as much as possible to further your career, go to the gym to ensure you health is on point, go socialize because #FOMO, and don't forget to cook healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's 100% exhausting. Although Millennials have a ton of luxuries that prior generations did not have, it still comes with its challenges. 

Personally, I love to take a beat, rest, and make sure that my personal needs are taken care of, in all ways. Here are my favorite eco-friendly, super economical ways to chill out and get back to yourself.

1. First of all, forget the #FOMO

Yes, I understand that we always want to be involved in everything all the time. As an only child, I really can't stand missing out on events and outings with all my friends. However, it's not possible to be my best self at work, at the gym, and out with other people 7 days a week. At least two or three days per week, I say "no." And I don't feel bad about it. At all. So, what's a girl to do with that free evening?

2. Namaste

My favorite way to really get back into the moment and feel relaxed is to have a quick 10-minute yoga sesh. Put on those PJ's, grab your computer/phone, and check out some of my fave quick yoga classes to really get your zen on. While you're in down dog, get that kettle of yours brewing for some tea.

3. Tulsi Tea

After I've properly stretched out my limbs, it's time for some tea. My absolute favorite tea is Tulsi. It's very comforting, soothing on the tummy, and is a great way to prepare for a glorious night snuggled in.

4. Bath Bombs

Even if you don't have any bath bombs lying around, taking a bath is so soothing to the soul. I grab my cup of tulsi tea and head into the bathroom. I know a lot of people say, put those electronics away while you're relaxing to truly be in the moment... but let's be real. Sometimes the most relaxing thing ever is floating around in the tub and watching an episode of Friends, or the latest Scandal. It's so good! 

5. Get into bed early

Getting 7-8 hours of sleep can truly do wonders for your health, vitality, energy (duh), and skin. Now that you're all warm and snuggly from your bath, get into bed and enjoy the cozy vibes! And don't feel guilty for continuing to watch TV now that you're in bed. Everyone needs some quality time with Chandler. Now that you spent some time on yourself, you're more than ready to join in on tomorrow night's happy hour. 

What are some of your favorite ways to rest and recharge?