Sugar Free for Me: Going Sugarless for One Week

Posted by Ani Blinova on June 20, 2017


This week, our friends over at Mind Body Green started a challenge that’s very near and dear to our Sugar-Free hearts. They have started No Sugar Week on Monday, June 19th, and we couldn’t be more excited. So excited, in fact,

that we’re going to be joining in with them. Team Wink here already limits sugar on a day-to-day basis, but we still indulge in some items where sugar is hiding, such as ketchup, marinara, and salad dressings.

Since we’re starting one day late, we’ll be posting some pics of our low-to-no sugar meals, desserts, snacks, etc. At the end of this week, we’re looking to see an even greater reduction in sugar cravings, and a slightly higher affinity towards nut butters.

Where to Start Sugarless 

For breakfast, load up on a smoothie using Wink as sugarless sweet base. No need to add any bananas here! Simply add a few scoops of Wink to whatever protein powders and other add-ins you normally use. Recently, we've been adding broccoli sprout powder to our smoothies for a boost in longevity and anit-inflammatory processes.

In the mood for real food? Omelettes with kale and spinach are a great substitute, if you can handle the eggs. Skipping the eggs? Kite Hill makes an unsweetened, almond-based "yogurt" that is scary similar to the real deal. Throw some nuts and chia in there for satiating burst of vitamins.

Or you could go hard, like Gabe does, and start your day off with our "Vegan-proof" Coffee. He's recently been adding a bit of collagen to it for an added health benefit.

"Vegan-proof" Coffee"

1 cup hot coffee

1 tablespoon MCT Oil (coconut oil works too)

1 tablespoon cashew butter.

1 scoop grass-fed collagen peptides (optional)

Blend for about 30 seconds (use a low setting, unless you want coffee all over your kitchen). Tastes unbelievable.

Sugarless Lunchtime

Ok, obviously salad works.

But that doesn't mean your salad needs to be boring. Salads with fresh greens, cabbage, lentils, beans, and homemade dressings can make all the difference. Our favorite dressings include a simple lemon-tahini concoction with equal parts lemon juice, olive oil, and tahini; plus a savory peanut sauce made with peanut butter, rice wine vinegar, salt, thinned out with water.


Just be sure to use a truly keto/grain-free bread recipe like the one I makes every week. This almond bread goes great with avocado, meatless-chicken and some garlic salt for a deliciously satiating mid-day break.



For us, tofu stir-fry with tamari soy sauce and a hit of sriracha do the trick.

Since it's the summer though, we should talk about plant-based burgers. I myself prefer the Dr. Pragers burgers, but Gabe goes crazy for Beyond  Burgers. Now, for the bun, grab some collards and throw them in to a steamer for about 3 minutes. Take them out and rinse em' off in cold water. You now have a DURABLE wrap for your burger, that just so happens to be a vitamin packed green leaf! Dress your burgers with mustard instead of ketchup, or some vegan mayo.

Low-Carb Pasta?

A spiralizer can be your best friend. We go through 4 zucchini a week making oodles of zoodles. Topped with oil-based pesto sauce, it's quite amazing. Check out Le Grand's Vegan Pesto for the perfect pasta night. Best part is that you can enjoy pasta night with virtually no carbs (mainly plant fiber) and zero sugar!

What About Sugar Cravings?

The best way to curb that craving right away while embarking on a no-sugar “cleanse” is to enjoy a few scoops of Wink with some almond butter at the end of the night. Personally, Vanilla Bean with some almond butter on top does the trick.

You can also go for some super dark chocolate, but that might be cheating, seeing as even 90% cocoa chocolate bars still contain sugar as an ingredient...




What's on your menu?