Summer Road Tripping: Traveling Stress and Sugar Free

Posted by Ani Blinova on August 31, 2017

road tripping keto and sugar free

Summer is coming to a close, meaning it’s time to fit in some last-minute trips down to the beach, shore, amusement park, etc.

In many cases, driving is the best way to get there. So, what does Team Wink take on road trips? The key is to make the journey fun, allergen free, and healthy.

Check out our previous blog post about how to travel light, as a starting point!

Authors note – I’m writing this in a hotel room in Michigan, while Gabe and I are on a road trip. Inspiration for blog posts comes from everywhere, guys!

Taking road trips is so great, because you can pack a bunch of things to make your trip as comfortable and fun as possible!!

Keeping the Routine:

stress free traveling

As discussed in a previous blog post, keeping a routine is super important for us! For me, that means keeping my morning routine as consistent as humanly possible!

I pack lemons to make warm lemon water, my dry brush, tongue scraper, and a whole jar of coconut oil whenever I travel in the car. That way, I can keep my healthy routine going.

We’ll also throw in a personal-sized blender to blend up our “vegan-proof” coffee using the hotel’s coffee pot.

Staying active is so incredibly important for us, so we put fitness at the very top of our priority list. We try to only book hotels with some kind of fitness center/gym so we can get our sweat on first thing in the AM. In order to do this, I pack one pair of sneakers that can be used for cardio/HIIT/strength training (whatever I’m in the mood for), my jump rope, and my resistance bands.

Get the Free Breakfast

Speaking of hotels, we take advantage of not only the in-house gyms, but also complimentary breakfasts! We try to book rooms that include complimentary breakfast. Usually, these breakfasts are super carb-loaded, so we stake out hotels with omelets, hard-boiled eggs, nut butters, bacon/sausage, and fruit.

If I had a crazy workout, I’ll also have some oatmeal (hold the brown sugar). I bring a reusable coffee container with me and steal a ton of coffee. I also love to steal some apples and bananas as a mid-morning snack with nut butter!

Speaking of nut butter…

Keto and Sugar Free Car Snacks

Car snacks are so, so important!

Tip #1 - Get a giant reusable water bottle that you can fill up in various rest stops, diners, and even grocery stores to stay hydrated. Saves you a small fortune in plastic water bottles.

Tip #2 – Purchase a bunch of nuts to snack on during the drive! Nuts are so great because they can help tide you and your crew over between bigger meals.

Tip #3 – Don’t let anything in your fridge go to waste! If we have a ton of veggies that we need to get through, we’ll make a huge stir-fry, put it in glass Tupperware, and eat on the road (we eat that first, so it doesn’t go bad). We’ll also hard-boil any remaining eggs and take any and all fruit that’s still around.

Tip #4 – NUT BUTTER PACKS. These are GOLD! I love to shove them in Gabe’s mouth when he gets hangry, and smother my stolen hotel fruit in them while on the road as a mid-morning snack with an extra stolen cup of coffee.

Make the Hotel Your Home

Tulsi tea is relaxing

Since we’re driving and staying in hotels throughout our journey, I like to pack a couple of things that make my stay uber-comfortable.

I bring along slippers, a robe (not all hotels provide one), and my favorite tea! As I mentioned in my relaxation blog post, we love a cup of Tulsi tea before bed. I brew this tea using the hot water from the little coffee machine. Between a mug of tea, my slippers, and my robe, I’m at home anywhere in the world.