Take Your Family On A Sugar-Free Journey

Posted by Pam German on July 27, 2017

Sugar Free For the Family - Pineapples

Experts agree that excessive sugar consumption is causing health problems in America. Obesity is a major problem, even in children. Obesity affects every part of the body. Excess weight puts a strain on the heart and other organs and it causes stress on the skeletal system. Back pain, leg pain, headaches, and many other common ailments can be traced back to obesity and obesity can be traced back to sugar consumption.

Even “experts” that claim sugar is not the ultimate bad guy admit that Americans are going to unhealthy and unnatural degrees with it. SugarScience UCSF reports that based on a 2000 calorie per day diet, the average person should consume less than 6 Tsp of sugar per day for women and 9 Tsp per day for men. However, consuming sugar leads to cravings for more sugar. Maybe that explains why we actually consume 19.5 Tsp of sugar per day. The equals 66 pounds of sugar per year, per person! And since sugar has no nutritional value and is nothing more than adding calories to our already extremely lenient diets, perhaps going sugar-free is the answer.

The only way to know how sugar truly affects the way we feel, function, look, and rest is to eliminate sugar for a period of time and see the difference. Challenge your family to embark on a sugar-free journey for 30 days.

Getting started

The beginning of your quest will consist of sugar hunting. As a family, start pulling contents out of the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer.


Sugary products to avoid


Teach the children how to identify sugar and the code words like fructose and glucose (among many others) that mean the same thing. Make a game out of sugar hunting. The younger the children are, the better. However, this is something everyone can do.

Make it tasty not sugary

This may seem challenging at first. But this is your opportunity to learn how to combine natural foods to get a sweetness that satisfies.

Sugar Free Treats

Thanks to modern technology and the science of food, there are plenty of treats that your children (and their parents) will enjoy that are sugar-free. Ice cream and yogurt treats are perfect for a sugar-free treat. Don’t try to take away all your families treats. There are delicious candy treats that are sugar-free, fat-free, allergy-friendly, and gluten-free. Contact a bulk candy warehouse and tell them what you are looking for. They will help you with some decadent candy choices that you can use to make a candy buffet for a birthday celebration or keep some on hand for those weak moments.

Your quest

During your sugar-free quest, make notes of the changes you see and feel. You may feel bad for the first few days when your body is trying to get the sugar fix it is used to. Soon you will feel your energy levels rise and you will notice glowing skin and clearer eyes. At the end of your quests you may choose to keep the sugar-free lifestyle based on the positive influences the changes will have had on your life. This is something that your children will be grateful for even when they are grown up and become parents themselves.


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