The Big Game: Keepin' It Keto and Gluten Free

Posted by Gabe Wolff on February 02, 2018

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Ah, the Super Bowl is upon us. And again, Mr. Brady is set to give us the performance of a lifetime.

While your family and friends devour chicken wings, nachos and ranch (so much ranch), just remember that the best quarterback of all time DOES NOT EAT THAT STUFF.

Now, in case any of you missed it, an article came out a year ago regarding what Tom Brady and Giselle eat each day: a smorgasbord of non-inflammatory plant-based foods that will make any shopping trip seem daunting.

The good news - 99.9% of us are not professional athletes or a top 5 supermodel. But that doesn't mean we can't strive to feel and look our best.

Here are some ways to hack the Super Bowl party if you're on a ketogenic and/or plant-based diet.

1st and 10: Let Nuts Power Your Ground Game

Almonds. They can give you the power to throw 50-yard touchdowns and walk runways in 9-inch heels. 

Almond Jumping Rope

Maybe not. But at least they'll prevent you from eating processed junk food.We normally pre-eat a handful of almonds or mixed, unsalted nuts before going to a social get together, for two reasons:

1. Options: There might not be many where we're going, as most people aren't aware of my dietary restrictions

2. Will Power: The nuts provide a base of willpower so that my hunger hormones don't cause me to eat the first bag of chips I see.

2nd Down: Play Action with Dips


Now, if you're lucky, the party you're attending will have either a crudites plate, chips and guacamole, and/or buffalo wings. The wings typically do come accompanied by celery, and this is where your creativity can come handy.

By picking different items from each platter, you'll be able to nosh with ease:

Crudites- the carrots, celery, and broccoli are your offensive line. Use them to push your way into the dips ahead!

Chips and Guac - GUACAMOLE! But, if there's only salsa, you can add a bit of that to your plate too, as it is usually pretty low carb and unprocessed.

Buffalo Wings - The wings are likely to be contaminated with gluten, so be wary if you have Celiac or a gluten sensitivity. However, the celery sticks are your bench players in your all-out assault on that guacamole.

Guacamole Dance


3rd Down: Pray for Greens, or Bring a Salad


No one will say no to you bringing a salad. It will save you, and anyone else who values feeling like a normal human being on Monday.

The beauty of bringing the greens is the fact that you're now safe during the pizza main course. You'll be satiated off of the oil, vinegar and veggies, making that slice look less appetizing. Just remember, melted cheese on pizza crust always looks (and smells) way better than it feels when it hits your stomach.



4th Down: Cheer for Beer!



Well, don't actually.

If you have Celiac or can't do gluten, this is a no-brainer.

One drop of beer has enough gluten to make a Celiac sick.

Just a couple of sips from a beer can throw you out of ketosis.

Generally, I find that vodka soda with lemon makes me feel like I'm being sociable, while still preserving all the work I do on my health. The vodka will only halt ketosis, not through you back into carb-land, and the bubbles slow you down. Besides, no one is going to have a problem with you bringing the salad if it's accompanied by a bottle of Tito's.

Check out my previous article on drinking to your health.


TOUCHDOWN! Extra Point, or Go for 2?


You likely won't find anything in the sweets area of the spread at the party.
But that doesn't mean you can't bring your own.

Obviously, Wink makes a great substitution for its full-sugar counterpart, but you could get fancy and use on of our awesome recipes!!!
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