Top 5 Plant-based Keto Hacks!

Posted by Gabe Wolff on October 24, 2017

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I try to stick to a ketogenic diet 80% of the week (M-F), as the looming crappy memory of going through the "keto-flu" again acts as a good deterrent from cheating.

However, here are some ways I've made sticking to my ketogenic/gluten-free/dairy-free diet as easy as possible.

1. Keto Coffee

Yes, if you've ever read our blog, you should probably know that we're crazy about "veganproof" coffee.

Check out our full post on "Veganproof" coffee.

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The coffee blended with MCT oil and cashew butter (or sunflower butter if you can't do nuts) not only tastes like the nectar of life, but also turbocharges you through the first 4-5 hours of the day. Just don't spend too much time on Instagram looking at cinnamon rolls.

Waking up and building these 8-12 ounces of into your morning routine is the absolute best way to forget about the fact that you can't eat Lucky Charms anymore...

2. Nuts and Chocolate

Yes, chocolate can be completely ketogenic.

Let me repeat: CHOCOLATE IS KETO!

As long as you stick to super dark chocolate (most 85% or higher dar chocolate has less than 5g of sugar per half a bar!), you can eat chocolate, and it eat it often, on the ketogenic diet.

Although, you'll probably get tired of chocolate all day, everyday...

Pairing it with a handful of mixed nuts (or hazelnuts) makes for an even better, more satiating snack.

Or, you could blend the two to make a Sugarless Chocolate Hazelnut Spread


3. Brush Your Teeth

OK, so this one is a little bit odd, but hear me out!

When you are on a standard, glucose burning diet, your brain is consistently signaled by hormones and neurotransmitters that it needs food as soon as your insulin begins to spike (lowered blood sugar).

This hamster wheel of chasing higher blood sugar levels causes your brain to "learn" to be hungry more consistently and at certain times of day.

However, your brain has also "learned" that the taste of peppermint applied vigorously throughout your mouth means that you're done eating for now.

So, the way to use this trick is right after you eat a keto meal, and you know you physically don't require more food within the next few hours, do a quick brushing.

Not only will you have pearly-whites, but you'll also stop dreaming about bagels for awhile.

4. Eat Ice Cream

One of the awesome benefits of Wink is it's insanely low carb count. There's only 4 net carbs in each PINT of our products.

That allows me to put a dollop of almond butter on half a pint of Vanilla Bean and eat an ice cream sundae bowl while still running on ketones!

Want some more sundae ideas? See our top keto ice cream sundaes!



5. Caffein-ate and Hydrate

You may be wondering, "just how much freakin' caffeine do you drink in a day man?"

2 cups. But timing is everything.

The first cup is my morning Veganproof, but my second is pure pleasure. Timing of the second cup is key, as having caffeine around 1-2pm prevents any sneaky cravings or crashes later in the day. Lately, I've been making unsweetened almond milk lattes with a couple of stevia packets as my little "post lunch treat/pick-me up".

The caffeine helps to release more fat from adipose, increasing the circulation of ketones throughout the body.

However, hydrating is equally, if not more, important. When using ketones for energy, your body doesn't retain as much water as when insulin levels are steadily low. Drinking enough water throughout the day keeps ketones flowing throughout the body, and prevents the keto diet from being too hard on your kidneys.

Just don't try to hold it in too often...


"Holding in your pee is no way to live" - Kendall Jenner


What have you found to be helpful? Share in the comments section below!