Vegan Lunch Alternatives!

Posted by Ani Blinova on May 16, 2017


Two weeks ago, we posted about great breakfast options that are well loved in the Wink household. When lunch comes around, we make a point to stop what we're doing and sit down to truly enjoy our lunch. It's almost as important, if not more important, than breakfast. Plenty of research shows that the biggest meal of the day should be lunch. In fact, Europeans stop their days for 1-2 hours and truly enjoy their lunch! Check out some of our fave options below:

1. Beyond Meat Wraps

We have a true obsession/love story with Beyond Meat here. It's a great alternative to prior meat-eaters transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. Beyond Chicken is really great. We simply defrost them in the fridge and keep them around for various dishes, including these wraps. We use coconut-based wraps, and add in some shredded red cabbage, grated carrot, avocado, and arugula, topped with some spicy mustard. So easy, so good! 

2. Huge salads

We collect various veggies throughout the week, both raw and cooked. One of my favorite ways to create a quick, easy, healthy lunch is to make a huge batch of lentils or chickpea pasta on the weekend (we prefer these to quinoa/rice/pasta/buckwheat because of the higher protein content) and throw in whatever veggies are available, tossed with tahini and olive oil. Simple, quick, super healthy and hearty.

3. If there's time to cook...

If we have time and/or the opportunity to cook, whipping up some hard-boiled eggs with some roasted/sauteed vegetables. We usually cook up whatever is available in the fridge.

Making food that is easy, really nutritious, and super filling is the best way to go during lunchtime.